Turmeric & Ginger in Pineapple – New 2017

curcuma e zenzero in ananas

Turmeric & Ginger in Pineapple: Turmeric and ginger are two prodigious spices with beneficial properties, known since ancient times and recommended for a variety of problems, well claimed in internet, television and magazines.

We offer them in a convenient and tasty form: we created a unique juice, obtained by pressing of turmeric and ginger, and not by extraction or drying as in the products generally on the market, to offer you product of high absorption and with the typical and fresh taste.

To maximize the absorption of turmeric in our bodies has been added a small amount of black pepper, known for this property.

The recipe has as basis an excellent pineapple juice, of the best variety and squeezed keeping fragrance and flavor of the perfect ripe fruit: so you can find in a bottle the daily dose of turmeric and ginger, pleasantly drinkable thanks to the base of pineapple, a blend of original and authentic exotic flavors, a mix studied for your well-being!

Ingredients: 94% pineapple juice (not from concentrate), 3% turmeric juice (not from concentrate), 3% ginger juice (not from concentrate), black pepper fruit dry extract D/E 4:1

curcuma e zenzero in ananas 200 ml