Drink with pleasure all healthy effects of powerful antioxydants of Cranberry from Canada! In this recipe we added some excellent Red Grape juice, also this well known for its extraordinary beneficial properties thanks to its antioxydants of “red fruit”. This fine recipe has been created to giving you a high cranberry content (50%), bettering the taste with the right quantity of red grape, pleasant and healthy, studied for giving you a excellent taste and a mix of different anti-ox compounds useful for your health.

According to art. 13 of Reg. CE 1924/2006 about heath claims, Cranberry has a beneficial effect on the urinary system drinking at least 75 g of pure juice each day for 12 months (in this bottle there are 100 g of pure cranberry juice). Combine with a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: 50% cranberry juice (not from concentrate), 50% red grape juice (not from concentrate)

cranberry juicemirtillo 500 ml glass

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